Web Applications Class 11 Syllabus

This course is a planned sequence of instructions consisting of Units meant for developing employability and vocational competencies of students of Class XI opting for vocational subject along with general education subjects. Part B has four units - Multimedia Authoring; Digital Content Creation; Web Scripting; and Work Integrated Learning IT.

Part B: Vocational Skills (50 Marks)

Unit 1: Multimedia Authoring - Animation Tools (15 Marks)

  • Animation Concepts.
  • Frames and Layers.
  • Motion and Shape, Tweening.
  • Importing AV Files.
  • Publishing.

Unit 2: Digital Content Creation - Adding Styles to Web Pages (CSS) (10 Marks)

  • Review of HTML.
  • Adding Style Sheets.
  • External style sheets.
  • CSS Properties – border, box, font, margin, padding. CSS classes.

Unit 3: Web Scripting - JavaScript (15 Marks)

  • Creating interactive Web Pages with scripts.
  • Variables and Operators.
  • Decision making using if and switch.
  • Iterations - loops.
  • Window Object.
  • Location Object.
  • History Object.
  • Popup Boxes – alert, confirm.

Unit 4: Work Integrated Learning IT - WA-I (10 Marks)

  • Identification of Work Areas.
  • Work Experience.
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