Time: 2 Hours; Marks: 30

Part-I: Typography


Business: Different styles of letters – indented, semi indented and blocked.

Official: Office Memorandum, office order, DO letter and Office Note.


Proof correction signs.

List of standard abbreviations.

Part-II: Computer Applications


Excel Overview: Starting with Excel, understanding worksheets/spreadsheet and workbooks, entering worksheet data – entering text, entering numbers and formulas, entering dates and times. Navigating between spreadsheets. Opening a Workbook, Saving a workbook and printing a Worksheet / Workbook.

Editing Excel: Worksheets/Spreadsheets – selecting cells, Editing cell contents, Inserting and deleting cells, Inserting and deleting rows and columns, working with worksheet ranges. Using cut, copy and paste options, clearing data. 

Using Formulas and Functions: Using arithmetic operators, using range names in formulas, using relative and absolute cell referencing, copying formulas. Using auto sum for efficiency, common functions – sum (), average (), max(), min(), count(), countif(), counta(). Using paste function. 

Using Special Tools: Spell checking, auto correct worksheets, finding and replacing data, using autofill, adding comments.

Formatting Worksheets: Center aligning, left aligning, right aligning and justifying cell content, row and column height, changing width and font, Making format changes, Auto formatting worksheets, modifying styles, additional formatting options – special alignment, special cell borders, special cell shades, protecting cells. Conditional formatting, tab colors help separate worksheets.

Using Charts: Creating custom charts (graphs) – choosing the chart type, selecting data for chart, modifying the chart. Making a quick, presentable and easily interpretable chart.

Power Point

Power Point Presentations: Understanding presentations and slides, creating a new presentation – the auto content wizard and presentation design, creating presentations using design templates. 

Editing and Arranging Presentations: Using the outline – adding and importing new items, promoting and demoting elements, Using the slide sorter view, using the notes page view. Saving and printing.

Power Point Advanced Features: Modifying presentations, editing individual slides – putting comments in your presentations, adding text and text boxes, moving and rotating text. Adding pictures.

Animating your Presentations: Using Power Point's slide show – timed transitions, transition effects, setting up shows, rehearsing slide show, Voice narration, using action buttons, introducing animation schemes, customizing animation.

Internet and Security

Finding information from the web using popular Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, Rediff, Lycos, Indiatimes, e-Commerce and e-Business.


E-mails Management: Opening e-mail accounts using popular sites offering free email services like Yahoo, Google, Rediffmail, Indiatimes, Hotmail etc., composing a message, formatting text, selecting the e-mail message format, add a signature, sending and receiving emails with/without attachment, reading email, replying to email, printing an email, deleting email, forwarding an email, creating folders/labels for archiving emails.

Computer Virus

Computer Virus: Computer virus, computer virus versus biological virus. Virus classification – boot sector virus, companion virus, e-mail virus, logic bomb, macro virus, cross-site scripting virus, Worm and Trojan, Effects of computer virus, the vulnerability of operating systems to virus, protection from virus and use of popular antivirus software.