Time: 2.5 Hours; Marks: 50

1. Basic Occupational Safety and Precautions (15)

2. Microphones and Loudspeakers (5)

  • Construction, working principle and frequency response of Carbon Microphone, Variable Reactance Microphone, Capacitance Microphone, Piezo-Electric Microphone, Moving Coil Microphone.
  • Frequency ranges of musical instruments, Intensity and Dynamic Range, Constructions and working principles of Moving Coil Loudspeaker, Impedance and Power Level of loudspeaker, Frequency characteristics of Practical Loudspeakers: Woofer, Tweeter, Squawker, and Loudspeaker Enclosure.

3. Recorders (10)

  • Analog and digital sound recording, Disk recording and reproduction, working principle with block diagram of disk recording and reproduction.
  • Principle of magnetic recording and playback, Requirement of bias, Working principle with block diagram of a tape recorder system.
  • Principle of optical recording, CD/ DVD manufacturing and recording, CD/ DVD player system, Advantages/ Disadvantages.
  • Steps for Fault finding & Analysis.

4. TV System (10)

  • Working principle with block diagram of TV transmitter and receiver, Brief description with circuit diagram: TV Tuner, Video IF stage, Sound stage, Picture tube & its associated circuit, Synchronizing circuits, Horizontal & vertical deflection circuits, Remote control of a TV receiver, Idea of bandwidth, blanking and synchronization pulses, modulation scheme, monochrome system, extension of colour transmission.
  • Channel and cable type TV system, Head end processor, Trunk & cable distribution system with block diagram, Scrambling.
  • Introduction to LCD and LED TV systems, Introduction to high definition systems.
  • Steps for Fault finding & Analysis.

5. Modern Appliances (10)

  • Working principle and block diagram of following: Microwave oven, Telephone, Fax machine, Printers, Scanners.
  • Steps for Fault finding & Analysis.