Time: 3 Hours; Marks: 60

Unit–1: Introduction to Travel & Tourism Business

  • Evolution of Travel Business.
  • Travel Trade in India.
    • (i) Meaning and Concept of Travel business.
  • Travel Agency.
    • (i) Types of travel agencies.
  • Tour operator.
    • (i) Types of tour operators.
  • Difference between Travel Agency and Tour Operator.
  • Organizational structure of a travel/tour company.
  • Market Trends and TA business scenario.
  • Business Integration.

Unit–2: Operations of Travel Agency

  • Agent.
  • Origins of travel agency.
    • (i) Operations of travel agency.
    • (ii) Organization of travel agency.
  • Commissions.
    • (i) Types of agencies.
  • Travel agencies in the 21st Century.

Unit–3: Transport Network

  • Transportation.
    • (i) Tourism and Transport.
  • Air Transport.
  • Rail Transport.
  • Road Transport.
  • Shipping.
  • Mass Transportation.

Unit–4: Itinerary Planning

  • Itinerary planning.
    • (i) Importance of travel itinerary.
    • (ii) Types of tour itinerary.
    • (iii) Pre-requisites of itinerary preparation.
    • (iv) Things to be considered while preparing itinerary.
    • (v) Step by step procedure.
    • (vi) Do's and don'ts of itinerary preparation.
  • GIT and FIT.
  • Package or inclusive tours.

Unit–5: Tour Packaging & Programming

  • Meaning and Classifications of Tour Packages.
  • Components of Package.
  • Customized and Tailor-Made Package.
  • Tour Formulation & Designing Process.
  • Tour Brochure Designing.
  • Tour Programming and its Importance.

Unit–6: Package Tour Costing

  • Meaning and Types of Cost.
  • Concept of Tour Costing.
    • (i) Types of cost.
    • (ii) Preparation of Cost Sheet.
  • Components of Tour Cost.
  • Pricing package tour.
  • Pricing strategies.

Unit–7: Government and Professional Bodies

  • Components of tourism.
  • Integration between government and professional bodies.
  • Rules for Setting up Travel Agencies & Tour operator.
  • Department of tourism (DoT) Different schemes and policies.
  • Professional bodies and their activities.

Unit–8: Global Distribution System

  • Global distribution system (GDS).
  • Evolution of GDS.
  • Amadeus and GDS.
  • Display Airlines Schedules & Availability.