Textile Design Class 12 Syllabus

This course is design for the students to learn skill and knowledge of development of new design aspects for novelty in fabric surface, textile products and various other textile materials. It includes designing of fabric used in clothing, house hold textiles, decorative textiles and others.

The students are enabled to design intervention along with the development of the final product within the technical specification and right commercial value.

Total Marks: 100 (Theory - 60 and Practical - 40)

Part B: Vocational Skills

  • Unit - 1: Introduction to Chemical Processing - Pretreatments
  • Unit - 2: Textile Dyeing
  • Unit - 3: Textile Printing
  • Unit - 4: Introduction to Print Design and Print Design Techniques
  • Unit - 5: Embroidered Textiles

Unit - 1: Introduction to Chemical Processing - Pretreatments

  • Textile chemical processing for fibers.
  • Impurities present in the Natural and Synthetics Fibers.
  • Elementary knowledge of processing.
  • Different processes e.g., singeing, de-sizing, scouring, bleaching and mercerizing.

Unit - 2: Textile Dyeing

  • Introduction to traditional resist dyed textiles (Tie and Dye) textiles from different regions of India.
  • Suitability of dyes and dyeing methods, Important classes of dyes for natural and man-made fibers, e.g., direct, acid, basic, vat, azoic, sulfur and dispersed dyes.

Unit - 3: Textile Printing

  • Introduction to various methods of printing, specific features and limitations of various methods, Such as Hand Block Printing (different styles on the basis of region), Hand Screen printing, Roller Printing and Heat Transfer Printing.
  • Style of Printing (Direct Prints, Discharge Prints, Resist Prints, Warp Prints, Blotch Prints, Duplex Prints) & their Specific feature for their Identification.

Unit - 4: Introduction to Print Design and Print Design Techniques

Various aspects of Design: color wheel, layout and repeats.

Print Categories

  • Introduction to various types of Design and their categories.
  • Geometric prints.
  • Floral prints.
  • Animal prints.
  • Ethnic prints.
  • Dot prints.

Print Design Techniques

  • Etching Technique
  • Stamping and Sponge Technique
  • Dry Brush Technique and Stencil Technique
  • Collage Technique

Unit - 5: Embroidered Textiles

  • Introduction to traditional embroidered textiles from different regions of India.
  • Kashida from Kashmir.
  • Phulkari from Punjab.
  • Kantha from West Bengal.
  • Chikankari from Uttar Pradesh.
  • Study of above mentioned regional embroideries with reference to origin, technique, raw material, colours, motifs and layout.
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