Shorthand English Class 12 Syllabus

The students are enabled to complete the Shorthand course. Shorthand writers are employed on the various posts such as Stenographers, Personal Assistants (PAs), Senior Personal Assistants (SPAs). Private Secretaries (PSs), Reporters in State Legislatures and in both the Houses of Parliament, and Press Reporters all over the world. Shorthand knowing persons are employed in large numbers and this subject has been recognized in every part of the world.

Part B: Skills

  • Unit 1: Diphones, Medial Semi-Circle, Essential Vowels, Upward & Downward L, Upward and Downward ‘SH’.
  • Unit 2: Prefixes And Suffixes
  • Unit 3: General Contractions, Special Contractions and Figures
  • Unit 4: Advanced Phraseography
  • Unit 5: Intersections
  • Unit 6: Dictation Passages and their Transcription
  • Unit 7: Business Letters and their Transcription

Unit 1: Diphones, Medial Semi-Circle, Essential Vowels, Upward & Downward L, Upward and Downward ‘SH’.

Part A: Diphones

  • Definition
  • Rules
  • Difference between Diphones and Diphthongs

Part B: Medial Semi-Circle

  • Rules

Part C: Essential Vowels

  • Vowel Indication
  • Rules

Part D: Upward and Downward Consonant ‘L’

  • Rules

Part E: Upward and Downward Form of Consonant ‘SH’

Unit 2: Prefixes And Suffixes

  • Meaning

Part A: Prefixes

  • Rules

Part B: Suffixes

  • Rules

Unit 3: General Contractions, Special Contractions and Figures

Part A: General Contractions

  • Meaning
  • Rules

Part B: Special Contractions

  • Meaning
  • Rules

Part C: Figures

  • Meaning
  • Writing Monetary Units in Shorthand

Unit 4: Advance Phraseography

  • Rules

Unit 5: Intersections

  • Meaning

Unit 6: Dictation Passages and their Transcription *

  • Meaning
  • Precautions

Unit 7: Business Letters and their Transcription *

  • Business Letters
  • Styles of Business Letters - Indented, Block and Semi-Block
  • Dictation of Business Letters
  • Specimens of Business Letters in different styles

* No Theory Questions from these two units. Only Practical Questions to be set from these two units.