Time: 2 Hours; Marks: 30

Unit-1: Revision of Basic Theory (5)

Initial and final hooks, compound consonants, halving and doubling principle.

Unit-2: Prefixes and Suffixes (5)

Definition, use of dot prefixes, Suffixes – dot suffix and dash suffix, use of strokes for representation of suffixes.

Unit-3: Intersections (5)

Cutting of strokes for official and colloquial phrases, representation of round numbers and monetary units; their representative strokes.

Unit-4: Contractions (5)

Special contractions, Part I to Part IV, special phrases and foreign words, phrases for judiciary, executive and legislature.

Unit-5: Transcription Aids and Accurate Writing (5)

Position of outlines, similar outlines of different works, Essential vowels and accurate writing, Writing proper nouns, aspirated sounds, nasal vowels.

Unit-6: Use of Audio Cassettes for Writing Dictations at Graded Speeds of 60-80-100 wpm. (5)

Phrases and short forms, transcription of dictations on computer, transcription of letter writing dictations, in proper format.