Security Class 09 Syllabus

  Units Marks
Part A Employability Skills  
  Unit 1: Communication Skills - I 10
  Unit 2: Self-management Skills - I
  Unit 3: Information and Communication Technology Skills - I
  Unit 4: Entrepreneurial Skills - I
  Unit 5: Green Skills - I
Part B Vocational Skills 40
  Disaster Management and Emergency Response (Basic)  
  Development and Maintenance of Relationship with Stakeholders  
  Occupational Health and Safety Procedures  
  Observing and Monitoring People  
  First Aid at Workplace (Basic)  
Part C Practical Work  
  Practical Examination 15
  Written Test 10
  Viva Voce 10
Part D Project Work/Field Visit  
  Practical File / Student Portfolio 10
  Viva Voce 05
  Total 100
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