Security Class 09 Syllabus

An Unarmed Security Guard mans a post or security checkpoint. He or she greets members of the public and provides directions to them. He or she is responsible for the security of the building or people and prevents damage to property.

He or she may screen individuals with a hand held metal detector or have them pass through a metal detection device. He may also possess and use a walkie-talkie. He/she is required to maintain simple log or record of undesirable things.

Subject Specific Skills

Unit Name
1 Disaster Management and Emergency Response
2 Development and Maintenance of Relationship with Stakeholders
3 Occupational Health and Safety Procedures
4 Observing and Monitoring People
5 First Aid at Workplace (Basic)

1. Disaster Management and Emergency Response

  • Identify natural and manmade disasters
  • Identify elements of disaster and emergency management
  • Deal with fire emergencies

2. Development and Maintenance of Relationship with Stakeholders

  • Identify stakeholders and their role
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders
  • Describe the factors that influence the development and maintenance of relationship with stakeholders
  • Manage conflicts

3. Occupational Health and Safety Procedures

  • Describe the various common hazards and risks at workplace
  • Describe the various stages involved in assessment and management of risks associated with hazards
  • Describe the measures for controlling hazards at workplace

4. Observing and Monitoring People

  • Demonstrate the knowledge of using senses in observing people
  • Describing the procedure for maintaining a secure environment
  • Describe the reason of security breach and procedure for reporting incidents

5. First Aid at Workplace (Basic)

  • Describe the various factors affecting health at workplace and relate them with first aid practices
  • Identify facilities, equipment and materials for First Aid
  • Perform the role of First Aider in case of fever, heat stroke, back pain, asthma, and food borne illness
  • Perform the role of first aider in cuts, bleeding, burns, insect bites and stings, dog bites and snake bites
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