Time: 2.5 Hours; Marks: 50

Unit–1: Security of Premises and Property

Demonstrate the knowledge of Responsibilities involved in perimeter security, Demonstrate the knowledge and skills for the use of access control system, Identify the various documents used in access control, Demonstrate the knowledge of parameters for screening and searching people and vehicles, Manage incidents during screening and search, Describe the responsibilities and procedures involved in gate control.

Unit–2: Introduction to Technological Aids in Security Operations

Describe the various types of access control system and equipment, Demonstrate the knowledge of scanning and frisking, Identify the various parts and demonstrate the knowledge of CCTV equipment, Demonstrate the knowledge and skill of using Public Address System.

Unit–3: Legal and Procedural Requirement in Private Security Sector (Advanced)

Demonstrate the knowledge of laws related to self defence and arrest, Describe Special Acts which address security issues, Demonstrate the knowledge of provisions made for training under the PSA (R) Act and Rules thereof, Demonstrate the knowledge of the provision made for verifications as per PSA (R) Act and Rules thereof, Demonstrate the knowledge of various provisions related to service conditions of Private Security Personnel under PSA (R) Act 2005.

Unit–4: Basic Security Operations

Demonstrate the knowledge of different types of patrol, Describe the planning and preparations of patrols, Identify the limits of responsibility and authority of patrolling team, Deal with various types of crowd, Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to control crowd, Identify the behaviour and appropriate measures for controlling unruly crowds.

Unit–5: Security through Surveillance and Protection Systems

Demonstrate the knowledge of visitor information recording, demonstrate the knowledge to monitor visitor's through surveillance systems, managing the visitors' material, and demonstrate the knowledge of the use of security surveillance and protection system.

Unit–6: Responding to Security Incidents and Breaches

Handle security Incidents and services, Deal with threat situations of suspected explosives, bombs and Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

Unit–7: Work Integrated Learning

Demonstrate the knowledge of security survey and audit, Demonstrate the knowledge of customer relationship management, Demonstrate gender and cultural sensitivity, Demonstrate the knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility insecurity service, Demonstrate the ability to apply concepts of environment protection and conservation insecurity system.