A retailer is one who stocks the manufactured goods and is involved in the act of selling to the final customer or consumer, at a margin of profit. Retailing is the last link that connecting the individual consumer with the manufacturing and distribution chain. It adds value in terms of bulk breaking and providing a wide variety of goods and services to customers as per their needs.

Part B: Vocational Skills (50 Marks)

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Retailing

  • 1. Describe the fundamental of retailing
  • 2. Describe the role of sales associate
  • 3. Skills for handling retail by sales associate
  • 4. List out the duties and responsibilities of sales associate

Unit 2: Process of Credit Application

  • 1. List the features and conditions for credit sales
  • 2. Identify the credit checks and getting authorization
  • 3. Describe the process of credit requisitions
  • 4. Demonstrate the techniques for determining credit worthiness

Unit 3: Mechanism for Customers to Choose Right Products

  • 1. Identify the methods of selling in retail formats
  • 2. Find out the sales promotion activities in retail store/mall
  • 3. Respond to the questions and comments of customers in retail store/mall
  • 4. Demonstrate the techniques of closing the sale in retail store/mall

Unit 4: Specialist Support to Customers

  • 1. Demonstrate the product information to the customers
  • 2. Explain the techniques to encourage customers to buy the products
  • 3. List out the steps involving to provide personalized service
  • 4. Maintain the post sale service support for attracting customers to resale the products in their retail store/mall

Unit 5: Health and Safety Management

  • 1. Describe the Health and Safety Requirements
  • 2. List the Equipment and Materials
  • 3. Dealing with Accidents and Emergencies
  • 4. Reporting Accidents and Emergencies