Time: 2 Hours; Marks: 30


(i) Pathology: Definition, cell growth, cell deformities, cell damage, defence mechanism, cell repair.

(ii) Neoplasia: Benign & Malignant including its mode of growth and matastasis.

(iii) Radiation: Local and systemic.

(iv) Radiotherapy techniques.

(v) Emergency in Radiology.


(i) Contrast media.

(ii) Urinary Tract: I.V.P., Retrograde Pyelography, Cystourethrography. Presaral Insufflation.

(iii) Biliary Tract: Oral cholecystography, I.V.C, Trans hepatic percutanous cholangiography pre-operative cholangiography – T-tube cholangiography, E.R.C.P.

(iv) Tomography: Principle, equipment and types of movements, procedure.

(v) Venography: Splenoportovenography, Peripheral venography.

(vi) Lymphangiography.

(vii) Marnmography and Xeroradiography.

(viii) Radiculography.

(ix) Dacrocystography.


(i) Gastro-intestinal Tract: Ba. swallow, Ba. meal upper G.I.T., Ba, meal follow through, Ba. Enema.

(ii) Female Genital Tract: Hystero Salpingography, Gynecography, Placentography & Pelvinmetry.

(iii) Angiography: Carotid angiography, Fermoral arteriography, Aortography, Selective angiography etc.

(iv) CNS: Ventriculography, Myelography, Pneumoencephalography.

(v) Sialography.

(vi) Sinography.

(vii) Nasopharyngography.

(viii) Laryngography.

(ix) Bronchography.

(x) Arthrography.

(xi) Discography: to assist in various special investigative & imaging procedures & maintenance of the equipment.