Time: 2 Hours; Marks: 30

I. Radiography Preparation (15)

Study and operation of X–ray machine.

(a) Checking phase and voltage, MAS and KV metre, X–ray table, Control panel.

(b) Checking of level of chemicals in dark room, temperature of solution, maintenance and care of X–ray machine, accessories and darkroom equipment and safe light.

(c) X–ray requisition form to be checked and register for radiography.

(d) Proper factors (K.V. & M.A.S.) to be selected, Appropriate Film Selection. 

Assistance in fluoroscopy and other special investigative and imaging procedure.

II. Radiography Techniques (15)

A. (i) Upper Limb: Fingers individual and as a whole hands, Carpal bones wrists, Forearm, elbow–head of radius, humerus, shoulder joint, Acromio clavicular joint, scapula, sterno clavicular joint, small joints.

(ii) Lower Limb: Toes, foot, calcaneum & other trarsal bones, ankle joint, legs, knees, patella, fibula, femur, intercondylar notch.

(iii) Hip & Pelvis: Hip, Neck of femur, threatre procedure, for hip pinning or reduction, pelvis, sacro iliac joints, pubic bones, acetabulum.

B. (i) Vertebral Column: Curves, postures, relative levels atlanto, occipital region, odontord process, Cervical spine, thoracic Inlet, Cervico, thoracic spine, lumbosacral spine, sacrum, coccyscoliosis, kyphosis, flexion, extension and neutral.

(ii) Bones of the thorax: Sternum ribs.

(iii) Skull: Land marks, Cranium, facial bones, maxilla, mandible, zygomata, T.M. joints, mastoids, petrous bones, optic foramen, sells turcica, P.N.S.

C. (i) Chest: Chest in teleradiography, chest supine & portable, Lardotic, apicogram and MMR.

(ii) Abdomen: Preparation, indication and contraindication, acute abdomen, pregnancy abdomen for multiplicity maturity and foetal abnormality. Pelvirnetry.

(iii) Soft tissue: Neck and breast.

(iv) Emergency Radiography: Bedside radiography, O.T. Radiography.

(v) Radiography for age evidence: Bone age evidence.

(vi) Dental Radiography: Occlusal view, Dental X–ray, Panoramic view.