Time: 2 Hours; Marks: 30


Latent images formation and its processing.

Various units used for measuring radiation–Roentgen, rad and rem.

Construction of X–ray tube, X–rays–its production and properties.

Ionization chambers, G.M. Counter and Scintillation Counter, Interaction of X–ray with matter.

Quality and quantity of X–rays, HVT, linear absorption coefficient, Grid, Cones and Filters.

Inverse square law, scattered radiations and appliances used to reduce it.

II. Radioactivity

Curie, Half life, decay factor.

Details about radium, cobalt and caesium.

Doses–dose and dose rate, exposure dose, exit dose, surface dose, depth dose, isodose charts and their uses.


Radiation Hazards, Protection against it, film badge, pocket ionisation chamber, maximum permissible dose.