1. Biology of fowl, digestive physiology - digestion, absorption & utilization of feed nutrients carbohydrates, proteins, fat vitamins and trace elements. Factors affecting digestibility and feed efficiency.

Importance of nutrition in poultry production-classification of food stuffs and their categorization in to energy feeds, protein feeds, minerals and vitamins. Feed additives. Agre - industrial by- products and non-conventional feeds.

2. Nutrient requirements of different types of poultry-chick grower, layer and broiler, ducks, turkeys and quails. Assessing their requirements. Selection of feed, and BIS feeding standards for poultry.

3. Preparation of poultry rations. Proximate analysis of various categories of poultry feed. Advantages and disadvantages of mash and pelleting feed. Feeding methods of poultry. Feeding schedules for various types of poultry. Common nutritional deficiencies in poultry rations. Common toxic principles in poultry feeds and method of detoxification.

4. Use of non-conventional poultry feed ingredients. Principles of storage of feeds and maintenance of stores. Nutritional factors affecting fertility. Role of hormones and effects of light on growth and reproduction. Stress physiology and remedial measures.