Time: 2 Hours; Marks: 30

  1. Selected-Ray optical imagery in mirrors.
  2. Selected-Ray optical imagery in lenses.
  3. Cardinal points and planes, thick lenses, and single refracting surfaces.
  4. Magnification, magnifying power and optical system.
  5. Power of lens.
  6. Transposition of spectabcle lenses, shapes and sizes.
  7. Grinding machincs.
  8. Grinding materials.
  9. Tool and gauge and their testing.
  10. Spherical lenses.
  11. Cylindrical lenses.
  12. Bifocals and Multifocals.
  13. Ophthalmic prisms.
  14. Prisms effects.
  15. Obliques cylinders.
  16. Protective lenses.
  17. A spherical lenses.
  18. Special lenses-miscellaneous lenses and appliances.
  19. Nomenclature of prism and their uses.
  20. Opthalmic glass and physically form of lenses and ophthalmic lenses.
  21. Transmission density and opacity of a refracting glass and glass coatings.
  22. Cylinderical lenses, strum’s coniod.
  23. Lens combinations.
  24. Aberration of lenses.
  25. Principle of fabricating various types of spectable lenses.
  26. Ophthalmic plastic lenses.
  27. Refractive media of eye and principle of visual imagery and corneal system and reticular system.
  28. Reduced eye and images formation including Guass Theorem.
  29. Aberration of eye.