Time: 2.5 Hours; Marks: 50

1. Introduction to Communication System (15)

  • Information signals, Elements of communication system, Transmitters and Receivers, Bandwidth of signals, Propagation of electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere, Sky and space wave propagation.
  • Noise, Classification of noise, Source and description of noise.
  • Fundamentals of Analog and Digital communication, Digital data transmission.
  • Need of modulation, Modulation/ Demodulation of Amplitude-modulated wave, Phase- modulated and Frequency modulated wave, Pulse modulation.
  • Introduction to Wireless communication, Basics of mobile communications, A simple reference model, Mobile and Wireless devices.
  • Frequencies for Radio Transmission, Regulations act.
  • Basics of cellular system, Elements of cellular radio systems, Performance criteria.

2. Satellite Communications (5)

  • Introduction and brief history of satellite communication, Overview of Satellite system.
  • Satellite frequency bands, Introduction to Telemetry, Tracking and Command, Satellite mobile communication, Introduction to C/N ratio and S/N ratio, Introduction to VSAT technology.
  • *Special Information - (Introduction to Radio propagation and Antenna).

3. Mobile Technology (10)

  • History of Mobile technology, Generation of mobile phones.
  • Basics of TDMA, FDMA, CDMA and GSM, Mobile Services.
  • (* Special Information - GSM and CDMA Architecture).
  • Overview of Mobile phone components, Bluetooth, Infrared, GPRS, Wi-Fi, SIM, IMEI.
  • (* Special Information - DECT, UMTS, IMT-2000).
  • Base and Master system

4. Mobile Hardware and Software (10)

  • Introduction to Mobile hardware and their faults, Basic circuit board configuration, Identification and Working of different BGA IC’s, Working on SMD and PCB’s.
  • Introduction to software and their faults, Formatting of virus affected mobiles, Removing software problems by codes, Unlocking of mobile phones using codes and software, Unlocking codes for GSM & CDMA.

5. Support Program (10)

  • How to open and manage your own mobile repair shop.
  • How to successfully work as a technician.
  • Where to procure tools, spare parts and accessories.
  • How to deal with customers and distributers.
  • Technical support guidance.