Office Procedures and Practices Class 12 Syllabus

The course is designed to enable students is become proficient in the skill of Office Procedures. Office work includes supporting management, including executives, using a variety of project management, communication & organizational skills. They are responsible for most front-office procedures, such as photocopying, faxing, scheduling, word processing, filing, greeting clients, mail sorting and phone call routing.

Most employers prefer secretarial experience to education, and do not usually require applicants to have more than a high school education. Good communication and interpersonal skills are essential. The students will be able to learn about office procedures, names of accounts and vendors, accounts receivable, accounts payable and so forth.

Part B: Skills

  • Unit I: Introduction to Secretarial Practice
  • Unit II: Handling the mail
  • Unit III: Filing and Indexing
  • Unit IV: Arranging Meetings
  • Unit V: Travel Arrangements
  • Unit VI: Banking Services

Unit I: Introduction to Secretarial Practice

  1. Meaning, Importance, Types and Duties
  2. Changing Profile of a Secretary
  3. Qualifications and Personal Qualities of a Secretary
  4. Personality Development
  5. Time Management - Meaning and Importance
  6. Stress Management

Unit II: Handling the mail

  1. Meaning and Types of Mail
  2. Handling of Incoming Mail
  3. Handling of Outgoing Mail
  4. Handling of Electronic Mail
  5. Mail Room Equipment
  6. Postal Services

Unit III: Filing and Indexing

  1. Filing - Meaning, Importance and Essentials
  2. Classification of Filing - Alphabetical, numerical, geographical, subject, chronological
  3. Methods of Filing - Horizontal and Vertical
  4. E-filing
  5. Weeding Out or Destruction of Old Records
  6. Indexing - Meaning, Importance and Types
  7. Filing Procedure

Unit IV: Arranging Meetings

  1. Meeting - meaning, importance, and types of meetings
  2. Requisites of a Valid Meeting
    • Notice of a Meeting
    • Agenda of a Meeting
    • Quorum of a Meeting
    • Chairman of a Meeting
    • Motions and Resolutions
    • Adjournment of a Meeting
    • Minutes of a Meeting
  3. Secretarial Duties relating to meetings
  4. Terms relating to Meetings

Unit V: Travel Arrangements

  1. Modes of Travel
  2. How to make railway reservation
  3. Air Travel
  4. E-Ticket and Paper Tickets
  5. Travel Agencies
  6. Hotel Reservation
  7. Itinerary
  8. Organizing Travel
  9. Tour Advance and Tour Claim
  10. Overseas Travel Arrangements

Unit VI: Banking Services

  1. Services provided by Bank
  2. Terms used in Banking Transaction