Music Production Class 12 Syllabus

This course is designed to enable students to learn about the technical aspects of music production such as how to use digital workstations.

Music production students need to learn about the music business. The students will gain skills in recording studios and performance venues and get on track to a career in technical production.

Part B: Vocational Skills

  • Unit 1 - Repair and Maintenance
  • Unit 2 - Occupational Health Safety
  • Unit 3 - Electrical Theory
  • Unit 4 - Knowledge of DAW
  • Unit 5 - Live Sound
  • Unit 6 - Respect for Cultural Diversity

1. Repair and maintenance

  • Repair and maintain audio equipment
  • Soldering practice
  • Testing leads using multi meter
  • Computer Maintenance

2. Occupational health safety

3. Electrical Theory

Current, potential, difference resistance, Impedance, Ohm Law, Power, Circuit types, Earth Principles

4. Knowledge of DAW

  • some basic operation of DAW like logic, cubase, Neundo
  • How to start making music
    • Rhythm making through VSTs
    • Recording of melodic instruments through VSTs

5. Live sound

  • Live Sound required skills and knowledge test
  • System diagram of professional audio setup

6. Respect for cultural diversity

  • What is culture
  • What is community
  • working in diverse community