Time: 2.5 Hours; Theory: 50 Marks; Practical: 50 Marks


1. Learning Objectives

CUESOU01C Repair and maintain audio equipment.

Unit Descriptor, Elements and Performance Criteria Pre-content, Elements and Performance Criteria, Required Skills and Knowledge, Range Statement.

2. Resources

Maintenance overview, Electric shock precautions, connectors, Cabling, Balanced and Unbalanced wiring, Microphone Theory, Microphone characteristics, Microphone construction, console maintenance, alignments of signals, tape machine power amps fuses, electric theory, circuit types, effect of conductor mass on current draw.

Repair and maintain sound equipment.

Workshop rules and safety, XLR Parts, Soldering workshop task 1, adaptor lead construction, testing leads using a cable lead, testing leads using a multi meter.

3. Assessment Tools - Connector researchers, Microphone research, repair and maintain assessment.