Marketing Class 11 Syllabus

This course is a planned sequence of instructions consisting of Units meant for developing employability and vocational competencies of students of Class XI opting for vocational subject along with general education subjects. Part B has five units - Introduction to Marketing; Marketing Environment; Marketing Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning; Fundamentals of Marketing Mix; and Consumer Behaviour.

Part B: Vocational Skills (50 Marks)

1. Introduction to Marketing (10 Marks)

  • Meaning, Nature, Objectives, Scope & Importance of Marketing.
  • Difference between Marketing & Selling.
  • Marketing Philosophies.

2. Marketing Environment (8 Marks)

  • Meaning and Importance.
  • Macro Environment Factors.
  • Micro Environment Factors.

3. Marketing Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning (12 Marks)

  • Meaning & Importance of Segmentation.
  • Bases of Market Segmentation.
  • Meaning and Need for Targeting.
  • Types of Targeting.
  • Meaning & Need for Positioning.
  • Positioning Strategies.

4. Fundamentals of Marketing Mix (8 Marks)

  • Meaning and Importance of Marketing Mix.
  • Marketing Mix Components - Service Sector & Consumer Goods.

5. Consumer Behaviour (12 Marks)

  • Meaning and Importance of Consumer Behaviour. 
  • Factors Affecting Consumer Buying Behaviour.
  • Roles of Buying Behaviour.
  • Stages of Buying Behaviour.