Time: 3 Hours; Marks: 60

Unit–1: Logistics and System Concept, Objectives and Role of Logistics (10)

  • Logistics and System concept - Information flow, warehousing, inventory control, packaging, transportation.
  • Objectives of logistics management.
  • Role of logistics in supply chain.
  • 3 PL & 4 PL Logistics.
  • Careers & growth in Logistics and Supply Chain.

Unit–2: Inventory Management (15)

  • Inventory management and supply chain.
  • Inventory functions and cost.
  • Inventory related cost.
  • Functions of Inventory management in supply chain operations.

Unit–3: Freight Management (10)

  • Freight Management - factors influencing freight cost, route planning.
  • Packaging for safe product handling and in Logistic Operations.
  • Containerization - its scope and types, its uses.

Unit–4: Logistic Management and Information Technology (15)

  • Logistics operation and Information technology - New trends - GPRS, RFID, Bar code, Radio Frequency Tag (RFT), E -commerce.
  • Documentation for domestic and international trade cargoes, International Chamber of Commerce Terms.
  • Sea borne trade - Ports and Ships management in India.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain uses in World Industry.

Unit–5: Emerging Issues in SCM and Logistics (10)

  • Statutory Provisions dealing transport – Multi modal Transport Act-1993.
  • Motor Vehicles Act 1988 - driving rules.
  • Insurance coverage - Marine insurance, road, rail, sea, air etc.
  • Insurance Claims.