Time: 3 Hours; Marks: 60

Unit–1: Introduction to Hospitality Management

Meaning, concept, origin and development of hospitality industry. Importance of customer care in hospitality & Eco friendly practices in hospitality.

Concept of Ecotels. Famous hotel chains in India and worldwide. Role of hospitality industry in tourism.

Unit–2: Organisational Structure of Hotel

The important functional departments of the hotel, their functions, Organizational chart of hotels (Large, Medium, Small) Facilities provided in hotels.

Unit–3: Classification of Hotel

Room Types & Tariffs - Types of rooms, Food/Meal plans, Types of room rates. (Rack, FIT, crew, group, corporate, weekend etc.), Classification of hotels (based on various categories like size, location, clientele, length of stay, facilities, ownership) Registration and gradation of hotels.

Unit–4: Distribution Channel

Meaning and definition of hospitality distribution channels, functions and levels of distribution channels, basics of major hospitality distribution channels-travel agents, tour operators, consortia and reservation system.

Unit–5: Introduction to Front Office Division

Front Office department and its functions, Sections and layout of Front Office, Organizational chart of front office department (small, medium and large hotels), Duties and responsibilities of various staff, The guest cycle, Property management systems, Attributes of front office personnel, Co-ordination of front office with other departments of the hotel. The organization structure of rooms division.

Unit–6: Front Office Services

Equipments used (Manual and Automated), Role of Front Office- Key control and key handling procedures, Mail and message handling , Paging and luggage handling, Rules of the house (for guest and staff), Black list, Bell Desk and Concierge.

Unit–7: Front Office Communication and other Attributes

Communication Fundamentals- Telephone etiquettes, Important terminology used in hotels Professional Attributes- Attitude towards your job, Personal Hygiene, Uniforms, Care for your own health & safety.

Unit–8: Front Office and Guest Safety and Security

Safety practices & procedures- Accidents, types, nature, classification, Preventive measures for each type of accident, Reporting accidents, First aid - meaning, importance, and basic rules. Fire Prevention.