Introduction to Financial Markets Class 09 Syllabus

Financial skills particularly in the 21st century are as important as computer skills. It empowers a person to take informed judgments and decisions regarding the use and management of money.

Financial skills improves the quality of life and standard of living by promoting budgeting, disciplined savings, intelligent use of credit for buying home, children’s education & marriage, retirement planning.

Total Marks: 100 (Theory - 50 + Practical - 50)

Part B: Subject Specific Skills (40 Marks)

  1. Money - What it is?
  2. Money Exchange Systems
  3. Key Characteristics of Money
  4. What is Financial Planning?
  5. What is Income?
  6. What is Expenses?
  7. What is Bank?
  8. Why Save?
  9. Setting Goals
  10. Systematic Saving and Investments
  11. Making a Budget

Unit 1: Money - what it is ?

Evolution of money, History of money

Unit 2: Money - Exchange Systems

Money as a medium of exchange, Bartering, Use of currencies as money

Unit 3: Key Characteristics of Money

Functions of money, Medium of Exchange, Standard of value or a Unit of Account, Store of Value

Unit 4: What is Financial Planning ?

Setting Goals, Analysing Information, Creating a Plan, Implementing the Plan, Monitoring & Modifying the Plan

Unit 5: What is Income ?

Income/Incoming money, Taxes and other deductions

Unit 6: What is Expenses ?

Fixed Expenses, Variable Expenses, Building your own Budget, Pay Yourself First (P.Y.F.)

Unit 7: What is Bank ?

What is a Bank, What does it do ? How to open a Bank Account ? How to deposit and withdraw cash from a bank? What are bank account holder’s documents? Types of bank accounts? What is electronic banking?

Unit 8: Why Save ?

What is disposable Income and Saving? How to calculate simple interest and compound interest, "The Rule of 72".

Unit 9: Setting Goals ?

Goal. How to set a goal. SMART Goals. How to achieve Goals.

Unit 10: Systematic Savings and Investments

What is savings, Investment and Types of Investments, Time Value of Money, Systematic Investment Plan. Net Asset Value.

Unit 11: Making a budget

Budgeting, Household Budgeting, Tips for preparing a Household Budget, Personal Budget, How to adhere to your budget, types of expenses

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