Time: 3 Hours; Marks: 60

Unit-1: General Insurance

  • Meaning and importance of General Importance.
  • Different types of General Insurance.
    • (i) Fire Insurance.
    • (ii) Marine Insurance.
    • (iii) Motor Vehicle Insurance.
    • (iv) Medi-Claim Insurance.
    • (v) Accident Insurance.
    • (vi) Burglary and Theft Insurance.
    • (vii) Present Organizational set up of General Insurance companies in India - GICI - its subsidiaries,┬áPrivate Companies.
    • (viii) Principles of General Insurance - Insurable Interest, Indemnity, subrogation, good faith.

Unit-2: Fire Insurance

  • Types of Fire insurance Polices - Their main features and clauses.
  • Meaning & Significance of Average Clause.
  • Procedure for taking Fire Insurance Policies and settlement of claims.

Unit-3: Marine Insurance

  • Three types of Marine insurance - Cargo Insurance, Hull Insurance and Freight Insurance.
  • Types of Policies.
  • Clauses of a Marine Insurance Policy.
  • Marine losses.

Unit-4: Motor Vehicle Insurance

  • Types of Polices and Risks Covered therein.
  • Procedure for obtaining motor Insurance Policy.
  • Settlement of claims.

Unit-5: Medi-Claim and Accident Insurance

Important conditions of such Polices and Benefits available therein, Procedure for claims.

Unit-6: Burglary and Theft Insurance

  • Need for such Insurance.
  • Information to be furnished and procedure to be follow.
  • Recovering the claims.