Information Technology Class 11 Syllabus

Domestic CRM Domestic Voice in the IT-ITeS Industry is also known as a Customer Service Associate, Customer Service Representative, Customer Care Executive, Customer Service Advisor, Helpdesk Coordinator, and Customer Support Representative. Individuals in this job receive and make telephone calls which are primarily scripted, basic and routine with the assistance of a computerized system.

They answer inquiries, resolve problems, record complaints and/or receive feedback. This job requires the individual to work independently and interact with customers. The individual should be result oriented and should also be able to demonstrate logical thinking and interpersonal skills; ensure prioritization of workload and should be willing to work at a desk-based job.

Part B: Vocational Skills (50 Marks)

Unit 1: Computer Organization & OS: User perspective

  • Understanding of Hardware.
  • Basics of Operating System.

Unit 2: Networking and Internet

  • Network Safety concerns.
  • Network Security tools and services.
  • Cyber Security.
  • Safe practices on Social networking.

Unit 3: Office automation tools

  • Spreadsheet.
  • Word processing.
  • Presentation.

Unit 4: Multi Media Design (Open Source Design Tools)

  • Interface and Drawing Tools in GIMP.
  • Applying Filters.
  • Creating and handling multiple layers.
  • Using Stamping and Smudging tools.
  • Importing pictures.

Unit 5: Troubleshooting: Hardware, Software and Networking

  • Commonly encountered problems.
  • Monitor: No display, KB/Mouse not responding, monitor giving beeps, printer not responding, check for virus, Delete temporary files if system is slow, adjust mouse speed.