Time: 3 Hours; Marks: 60

Unit–1: Quantity Food Production (Bulk Cooking)

  • Institutional Catering.
  • Railway/Airlines.
  • Hospital Catering.

Unit–2: Menu Planning for Bulk Cooking

  • Types of menu.
  • Principles of menu planning.
  • Planning menus for various occasions (application).

Unit–3: Indenting

  • Introduction.
  • Principles of indenting.
  • Importance of indenting.
  • Portion sizes of common food items.
  • Indenting for menus (applications).

Unit–4: Purchasing and Storing

  • Purchasing.
  • Storage.

Unit–5: Food Costing

  • Importance of food costing.
  • Elements of cost (food cost, labour cost and over heads).
  • Calculation of food cost.
  • Calculation of labour cost.
  • Calculation of overheads.
  • Calculation of kitchen profit/gross profit, after wage profit and net Profit.
  • Expressing each element as percentage of sales.

Unit–6: Food Cost Control

  • Importance of food cost control.
  • Factors affecting food cost.
  • Portion control.
  • How to control food cost.

Unit–7: Indian Regional Cuisine

  • Introduction to Indian regional cuisine.
  • Heritage of Indian cuisine.
  • Factors in fluencing the eating habits in different parts of the country.
  • Common/popular regional cuisines of India.

Unit–8: Indian Regional Cuisine of the following states on the following grounds

  • Geo graphical Location.
  • Staple Food.
  • Festival.
  • Features.
  • Special Dishes.
    • (i) Kashmiri.
    • (ii) Punjabi.
    • (iii) Bengali.
    • (iv) Gujrati.
    • (v) Gaon.
    • (vi) Maharashtrian.
    • (vii) Hyderabadi.
    • (viii) South Indian.
    • (ix) Indian Breads.
    • (x) Indian Sweets.