Time: 2 Hours; Marks: 40

1. Single-Phase Transformer (8)

Types of transformer - step-up and step-down transformer, voltage and current transformer, auto-transformer. Construction, working principles and applications of different types of transformers, rewinding of transformers, cooling of transformers.

2. D.C. Motors (12)

Types of motor - series, shunt, compound and universal, construction, working principles, characteristics, winding details and applications of different types of motors including fractional horse power, starting and starters for D.C. motors. Installation of D.C. motor and testing, speed reversal and speed control of D.C. motors, common faults, their causes, testing and repairs.

3. Three Phase Induction Motors (4)

Principle, working & starting of three phase induction motor.

4. Single Phase A.C. Motor (12)

Types of A.C. Motors – induction motor (Split phase and repulsion start), capacitor motor, shaded pole motor, universal motor, construction, working principles, special characteristics, winding details and applications of different types of fractional horse power motors. Starting and starters for different motors. Speed reversal and speed control of A.C. Motors, installation of A.C. motor and testing, common faults, their causes, testing and repairs, rewinding of fractional h.p. motors.

5. Electrical Solders (4)

Types of Solders, flux and methods, techniques of soldering.