Early Childhood Education Class 11 Syllabus

Early Childhood Care and Education skill course is one of the popular courses delivered nationwide through a network of ITIs. It mainly consists of Domain area and Core area. The Domain area (Theory & Practical) imparts professional skills and knowledge, while the core area (Employability Skill) imparts requisite core skills, knowledge, and life skills.

During the class XI the student will be taught developmental milestones of children, different approaches working on keen observation and skills of children.

Part B: Skills

  1. Unit 1: Introduction to Early Childhood Care & Education
  2. Unit 2: Foundations of Child Development
  3. Unit 3: Nutrition and Health Needs of the child
  4. Unit 4: Developmentally Appropriate Care & Activities for holistic development
  5. Unit 5: Inside - Outside Care and Learning Environment
  6. Unit 6: Engaging with parents and the community

Unit 1: Introduction to Early Childhood Care & Education

  1. Chapter 1: Understanding the context of the child - gender, social class, caste, religion, family structure, location - Rural / Urban / Tribal
  2. Chapter 2: Relevance of ECCE - critical periods and factors affecting development
  3. Chapter 3: Rights of Children Survival, development, protection and participation

Unit 2: Foundations of Child Development

  1. Chapter 1: Needs of the Child
  2. Chapter 2: Sensory, Physical, and Motor development milestones
  3. Chapter 3: Cognitive Development
  4. Chapter 4: Language Development
  5. Chapter 5: Socio - Emotional Development introduce stages & milestones & basic vocabulary

Unit 3: Nutrition and Health Needs of the child

  1. Chapter 1: Ensuring optimal health and growth measuring head circumference height, weight MUAC, use of growth chart, malnutrition.
  2. Chapter 2: Common childhood illnesses, Prevention and Management (Immunization schedule)
  3. Chapter 3: Nutrition importance of BF, Complementary feeding
    • Food of groups and balanced meal planning
    • Safe handling of food
  4. Chapter 4: First Aid and handling Emergencies
    • simple injury, Sprain, Burns
    • WHO 2006 growth standards
  5. Chapter 5: hygienic care practices specially when handling children in group situations.

Unit 4: Developmentally Appropriate Care & Activities for holistic development

  • Importance of play in development
  • Care & practices for birth to six month
  • Care & Activities per seven month to one year
  • Care & Activities per one to three years

Unit 5: Inside - Outside Care and Learning Environment

  1. Chapter 1: Environment for health and safety
  2. Chapter 2: Environment for stimulation & learning

Unit 6: Engaging with parents and the community

  1. Chapter 1: Ways of Teaching out to parents & community
  2. Chapter 2: Essential messages for parents and community - positive discipline, screen time & T.V. time Healthy Feeding.