Design Class 12 Syllabus

This Course on Design is intended to introduce ideas, methodologies, principles, fundamentals and skills that comprise a common knowledge base important to all design disciplines. These fundamentals will foster a multidisciplinary design experience among students and will prepare them to move to the next level.

It will provide the students with foundation and fundamentals of skills in design. The course will benefit applicants who have little or no training or experience in art and design and who wish to begin formal education in this field.

Total Marks: 100 (Theory - 60 and Practical - 40)

Part B: Vocational Skills

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Design
  • Unit 2: Design Tools & Techniques
  • Unit 3: Occupational Health and Safety
  • Unit 4: Practical workshop

Unit-1: Introduction to Design

Session 1: Design Thinking

  • Human-centric approach to Design
  • Research and Discovery
  • Ideation
  • Prototyping & Piloting
  • Testing

Session 2: Design Fundamental

  • Geometry and space
  • Simple Product Design

Unit-2: Design Tools and Techniques

Session 1: Basic Materials

  • Categorization of Basic Materials and related properties
  • Material Forms and Sources and measures
  • Working on Basic Materials

Session 2: Basic Production Processes

  • Basic Production Processes in Textile Industry
  • Basic Production Processes in Wood Industry
  • Basic Production Processes in Metal Industry
  • Basic Production Processes in Plastic Industry

Unit 3: Occupational Health & Safety

  • Safety and Health responsibility in Metal and Plastic industry
  • Role of wav safe inspection in the above industries.
  • Hazard identification risk assessment and risk control in metal and plastic industries.
  • Dealing with emergency
  • Minimum 3 visits to industries related to the above areas.

Unit 4: Practical workshop

Session 1: Knowledge workshop

  • Source and Document information on environmentally friendly design
  • Project 1 : Research on a past movement of Design
  • Project 2 : Photograph and report on an Architectural monument of national repute / recognition
  • Project 3 : critique the Design of display and control of a complex product such as computer / washing medicine / medical equipment

Session 2: Design Concept workshop

  • Design concept workshop on Design for Handicapped
  • Design concept workshop on Sustainable Design
  • Design concept workshop on Interface Design

Session 3: Product Design workshop

  • Produce Design for a product for children
  • Produce Design for display and control for Senior Citizens
  • Design a functional product from waste

Session 4: Digital workshop

  • Introduction to Basic Design software
  • Digitize images for reproduction
  • Project 1 : Digital workshop Adobe Photoshop
  • Project 2 : Digital workshop Adobe Illustrator
  • Project 3 : Digital workshop Adobe In-Design