Design Class 11 Syllabus

The Course on Design Fundamental is intended to introduce ideas, methodologies, principles, and skills that comprise a common knowledge base important to all design disciplines. These fundamental will foster a multidisciplinary design experience among students and will prepare them to move to the next level. It will provide the participants with foundation and fundamentals skills in design. The program is designed to provide a pathway to a range of vocational qualifications, including diplomas of graphic design, visual merchandising, visual arts, digital design, screen and performing arts.

The program provides a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge required as preparation for entry level jobs. The course will benefit applicants who have little or no training or experience in art and design and who wish to begin formal education in this field.

Part B: Vocational Skills (50 Marks)

Unit–1: Introduction to Design

Session–1: Concept of Design

  • Design Definition.
  • Design versus Art.
  • Design and Environment.
  • The basis of Design Process.
  • Use Design in today’s scenario.

Session–2: Design Fundamental

  • Principles of Design.
  • Elements of Design.
  • Colour Theory.
  • Understanding of Color wheel.
  • To increase and build sensitivity to the forms around them.
  • To identify the revolving still life and outdoor in vicinity of environment.
  • To relate the elements of design to understand design process for their projects.
  • Understanding the colour quality, intensity, relationship with other colours, textures, shape.

Unit–2: Design Tools and Techniques

Sessions–1: Produce Drawing

  • Defining Drawing.
  • Different techniques of drawing.
  • Exploration of medium.
  • Compositions and Perspectives.
  • Tonal Techniques.
  • Use of Dreams and Music for creative Drawing.
  • To identify the use of tone and value, Texture/Frottage.
  • Identify to use contour line drawing (continuous or cross contour).

Unit–3: Occupational Health and Safety

Session–1: Work Safe Review Module

  • Safety and Health responsibility.
  • Role of War safe Inspector.
  • Hazard identification, Risk assessment and Risk control.
  • PPE.
  • Dealing with emergency.
  • Design a promotional poster advertising what students need to know about Safety and Dangers, or be warned about while working at College.

Unit–4: Practical Workshop

Session–1: Knowledge Workshop

  • Source and apply design industry knowledge.
  • Source and apply information on the history and theory of design.
  • Project 1: Research on a Contemporary designer.
  • Project 2: Photograph and Report on Signage and Window display.
  • Project 3: Critique the Design of a Product.

Session–2: Design Concepts Workshop

  • Design concepts workshop road signs.
  • Design concepts workshop zoological and botanical logo.
  • Design concepts workshop T-shirts design.

Session–3: Graphic Design Workshop

  • Produce Designs for Clothing Range, Shoes or CD Cover.
  • Color zones applied Colour assessment.
  • Poster Design for an Opera or Ballet.
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