Time: 3 Hours; Theory: 60 Marks; Practical: 40 Marks

Unit–1: Three Dimensional Design

Seesion–1: Introduction to Fundamentals of 3-Dimensional Design

  • Differentiate 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional design.
  • Explore and apply the creative design process to 3D forms.
  • Produce Sculpture using Three Dimensional.
  • To apply creative design process to the development of 3-dimensional forms.

Session–2: Three Dimensional Design Workshop

  • Project 1: 3D Design hand cutting tool.
  • Project 2: 3D Design Maquette Construction.
  • Project 3: 3D Design Bridge Design.
  • Project 4: 3D Design Shop Refit.

Unit–2: Three Dimensional Design Applied

Session–1: Introduction to Spatial Design

  • Principles and Elements of 3-D Design Applied.
  • Research and apply techniques for application to spatial design.
  • Explore the use of colour in 3-D Design.

Session–2: Spatial Design Workshop

  • Project 1: Exploration and use of 3-D Elements of Design.
  • Project 2: Colour Sphere Model to explore Hue and Value
  • Project 3: To create a Exhibition Design on any theme; Examples part A: Unity, Harmony

Unit–3: Design Tools and Techniques – Digital

Session–1: Introduction to 3-D Design Digital Tools

  • Methods of developing 3-dimensional design.
  • Brief study on software applications like Photoshop, AutoCAD, Flash, Corel and Maya

Unit–4: Digital Workshop

  • Apply techniques to produce digital images.
  • Digitise images for reproduction.
  • Project 1: Digital workshop Animorph.
  • Project 2: Magazine Cover.
  • Project 3: The World’s Greatest Poster.