Time: 2.5 Hours; Marks: 50

ITDC–401: Database Concepts – RDBMS Tool.

  • Basics of RDBMS.
  • SQL – Creating and Opening Database.
  • Creating and populating tables.
  • Modifying the content and structure of table.
  • Ordering and Grouping.
  • Operating with multiple tables.

ITDC–402: Operating Web Based Applications.

  • Online Reservation Systems.
  • E-Governance.
  • Online Shopping and Bill payments.
  • Online Tutorials and Tests.
  • Project Management – Web Based Application development.
  • Project essentials and tips.
  • Case Study - Online Game.
  • Case Study - Online Quiz.
  • Case Study – Online Bill Calculator.

ITDC–403: Fundamentals of Java programming, Introduction to Java, Object Oriented Programming, Java Language Elements, Operators, Control Flow, Array, Class Design, Exception Handling, Assertions, Threads, Wrapper Classes, String Manipulation.

ITDC–404: Work Integrated Learning IT – DMA.

  • Identification of Work Areas.
  • Work Experience.