Beauty and Wellness Class 12 Syllabus

This course is designed for the students to learn about and perform the basics of beauty therapy and maintain hygiene and safety at workplace. The students would gain knowledgeable about various beauty products and will be able to perform basic depilation, manicure, pedicure and basic face care services.

They will be able to assist Beauty Therapist in providing advanced services. The students will be trained in the correct usage and handling to perform the skin treatments safely.

Total Marks: 100 (Theory - 60 and Practical - 40)

Scheme of Units

This course is a planned sequence of instructions consisting of units meant for developing employability and vocational competencies of students of Class XII opting for vocational subject along with general education subjects.

Part A: Employability Skills

  • Unit 1 - Communication Skills - IV
  • Unit 2 - Self-Management Skills - IV
  • Unit 3 - Information and Communication Technology Skills - IV
  • Unit 4 - Entrepreneurial Skills - IV
  • Unit 5 - Green Skills - IV

Part B: Vocational Skills

  • Unit 1 - Make Up Services
  • Unit 2 - Facial Beauty Services
  • Unit 3 - Salon Reception Duties
  • Unit 4 - Create a Positive Impression at Workplace

Part C: Practical Work

  • Practical Examination
  • Written Test
  • Viva Voce

Part D: Project Work / Field Visit

  • Practical File/ Student Portfolio

Unit 1 - Make Up Services

  1. Basic skin types and skin tones. (Oily, dry, normal and combination; Skin tone: Fair, dark, pink, yellow, pale)

  2. Select and apply the correct make-up products to enhance facial features, to suit the client’s needs and achieve the desired effect

  3. Various Make-up products: Foundation, powder, blusher, mascara, eye shadows, eye liner, eyebrow pencil, lip liner and lip stick/gloss, etc

  4. Colour wheel and how to use it for selecting right make up products

  5. Importance of Highlighting and contouring with respect to make up

  6. Basic bindi designs

  7. Different draping techniques

  8. Various make-up removal products and procedures

Unit 2 - Facial Beauty Services

  1. Electrical / electronic machine equipment for beauty services - Brush Machine / Brush Unit, Facial Steamer (Vapour Zone), High frequency, Galvanic (Iontophoresis, Faradic, Vacuum suction, Microcurrent, Electro-muscle Stimulator, Lymphatic Drainage Equipment, Microdermabrasion, Ultra-sonic)

  2. Contraindications & contractions for use of different machines

  3. Using the equipment for facial beauty

Unit 3 - Salon Reception Duties

  1. Importance of customer satisfaction for business and professional success

  2. Information required for booking an appointment and the purpose of each item of information

  3. Features and operational procedures of computerized booking systems

  4. Importance of managing customers during waiting periods and possible ways to do that

  5. Customer service principles including privacy and protection to modesty of the customers

  6. Data protection, its importance, application and relevant practices

Unit 4 - Create a Positive Impression at Workplace

  1. Effective consultation techniques to identify treatment objectives

  2. Effective communication techniques when dealing with clients

  3. Professional etiquettes

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