Time: 2.5 Hours; Marks: 50

Chapter–1: Introduction to Pattern Making

  • Understanding of body & its measurements.
  • Methods of measuring body and dress form.

Chapter–2: Methods of Measuring

  • Relationships of sizes and measurements.
  • Measurement charts.

Chapter–3: Tools and Terminology of Pattern Making

  • Tools of pattern making.
  • Common terms used in pattern development.

Chapter–4: Garment Details

  • Garment details – Neckline/collar/sleeve/pocket/placket.

Chapter–5: Pattern Making of Indian Garment

  • Introduction to Indian Garments.

Chapter–6: Pattern Development from Drapes and Measurement

  • Difference of pattern from drape and measurements.

Chapter–7: Garment Fit

  • Introduction to Pattern Development for women wear - how patterns are made and developed, the importance of fit and balance and methods of achieving it.