Time: 3 Hours; Marks: 60

Unit–1: Bread Faults and Remedies

  • Basic reasons for faults.
  • Common bread faults(internal and external).
  • Remedies.

Unit–2: Bread Improvers and Additives

  • Natural : Milk, egg, S.M.P, soya flour, fat, sugar.
  • Chemical: Glycerol mono state, Potassium bromate, potassium iodate.

Unit–3: Types of Oven

  • Electric oven: OTG, microwave, rotary, single deck, double deck, pizza oven.
  • Non electric oven: Diesel oven, gas oven , brick oven.

Unit–4: Bread Diseases

  • Rope and mold.
  • Causes and prevention.

Unit–5: Bakery Layout the Right Approval for Setting up of a Bakery

  • Location.
  • Government procedure.
  • Selection of equipment.
  • Total space required.
  • Electricity.