Time: 2 Hours; Marks: 40

1. Air Conditioning Systems and Equipments, Classification of air conditioning systems–all air and all water types, Fans, blowers, grills, resistors, filters, compressors, cooling coils, condensers, air handling units, fan coil units, Heating and humidifying equipments, Unit air conditioners, package units central air conditioning plants.

2. Air Distribution, System of air distribution, Duct systems, Cooling Load, Air quantities, Pressure inducts–static pressure, velocity pressure and total pressure, Friction losses, Duct sizing, Duct lay-out and drawing, Duct construction.

3. Controls, Sensing elements–bimetallic, bulb and bellow, solenoids, electric resistance type etc. Actuating elements–thermostats, humidistat's, pressure stats etc.

4. Modulating Motors, Construction and operation, By pass controls, Use of chokes, for controlling fan motor speed.

5. Starters, Capacitors, relays, overload controls, for motors and their servicing.

6. Refrigeration Controls, H.P. and L.P. cut outs, oil failure safety switches, power element testing.

7. Maintenance–Preventive and break down maintenance, Diagnosis and rectification of faults in electrical system, refrigeration system and air conditioning system, Pressure testing, Charging Performance Testing.