After successfully completing the two year of Senior Secondary Vocational Course the student would have acquired relevant appropriate and adequate technical knowledge together with the professional skills and competencies in the field of Air conditioning and Refrigeration Technology so that he/she is properly equipped to take up gainful employment in this vocation.

Part B: Vocational Skills (50 Marks)

1. Introduction

Meaning of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Brief history of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration general safety, Application of Refrigeration, Concept of System, its boundary, and surroundings, Unit of Refrigeration, use specification of Refrigeration tools Equipment, Instruments. Basic knowledge of heat energy. Comparison of heat engine heat pump and refrigeration machine. Rating of Refrigeration Machines & Co-efficient of performance. 6

2. Vapour Compression Cycle, Representation of Vapour Compression Cycle on temperature – entropy and pressure– enthalpy diagram, Effect of sub-cooling, Super heating, change in suction pressure and discharge pressure on coefficient of performance, Deviation of actual cycle from the theoretical cycle. 6

3. Working of a Domestic Refrigerators, Water Cooler& defreeze Refrigeration Tyre operation. Refrigeration tools and materials, tubing, cutting, bending, flaring, joining, tube, fittings, instruments and gauges. 6

4. Meaning of Compressors, Types of compressor–reciprocating (semi-hermetic, hermetic and open types), rotary, centrifugal and screwed type. Working of compressor. 5

5. Compressor construction, Valves, pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts, seals, oil circulation, hermetic and semi-hermetic units, cooling of windings, Mufflers. 5

6. Meaning of Alternating Current D.C currents, Violate & phase difference knowledge of ohm’s law, measurement of current, voltage & power. 5

7. Wiring circuit diagrams of refrigerators and air conditioners. 3

8. Psychometry – Composition of air, moist air, vapours and gases, specific humidity, absolute humidity, degree of saturation, relative humidity, Dry Bulb Temperature. 5

9. Human comfort, Concept of effective temperature, Comfort Zone. 3

10. Applications of Air Conditioning, Comfort, Industrial and Process Air Conditioning, Study of Window – type Air Conditioners, package units, Central Air Conditioning Plants. 3

11. Measurement of air velocity and flow. 3