CBSE Class 10 Retailing 2020 Question Paper

This question paper consists of two sections - Section A is Employability Skills and Section B is Subject Skills. This question paper contains 39 questions out of which 27 questions are to be answered. The maximum time allowed is 2 hours.

Section A (Employability Skills): 10 Marks

Answer any 4 questions out of the given 6 questions of 1 mark each. 1×4 = 4

1. List any two factors that affect perspectives in communication.

2. Define self-management.

3. List any two qualities of a self-confident person.

4. List two basic ICT skills that are needed by us.

5. What is meant by entrepreneurship development process ?

6. Name any four sectors of a green economy.

Answer any 3 questions out of the given 5 questions of 2 marks each. 2×3 = 6

7. State any four roles of the government in a green economy.

8. How can facial expressions be used as a mode of communication ?

9. Define self-confidence.

10. State any two advantages of using a processor.

11. Give the meaning of different types of business activities.

Section B (Subject Skills): 40 Marks

Answer any 10 questions out of the given 12 questions of 1 mark each. 1×10 = 10

12. The objective of retail transportation is

  1. To improve quality of goods
  2. To reduce production wastage
  3. Increase in sales
  4. Timely delivery to customer

13. Hazardous material must be loaded and unloaded

  1. Quickly
  2. Carefully
  3. Slowly
  4. Both (A) and (C)

14. Walmart same day delivery called ‘Walmart To Go’ is for

  1. 5 Metros
  2. 2 Metros
  3. 3 Metros
  4. None of the above

15. Ideally, a store design should include

  1. Adequate non-selling space for assorting the stocks
  2. A big room for the store manager
  3. Flexibility of store design
  4. None of the above

16. The purpose of an effective store layout is

  1. To earn profit
  2. To provide a better shopping experience for customers
  3. To attract the target potential customers
  4. All of the above

17. The blend of a straight floor and a diagonal floor layout is called

  1. Free flow layout
  2. Grid layout
  3. Rack layout
  4. Spine layout

18. __________ is not directly related to Merchandising.

  1. Market
  2. Environment
  3. Quantity
  4. Warehouse

19. __________ is not a type of merchandiser.

  1. Junior merchandiser
  2. Senior merchandiser
  3. Executive merchandiser
  4. Finance manager

20. Which of the following elements can be used by visual merchandisers in creating displays ?

  1. Packages
  2. Lighting
  3. Baskets
  4. Trolleys

21. Which of the following would you check to see if a material is considered hazardous ?

  1. Product label
  2. Purchasing record
  3. Material safety data sheet
  4. Hazardous material inventory

22. Bouncers are used for

  1. Moving around
  2. Private security
  3. External and internal business
  4. Personal security

23. Security guards who keep moving around the perimeter are called

  1. Static patrol
  2. Mobile patrol
  3. Both (A) and (B)
  4. None of the above

Answer any 4 questions out of the given 6 questions of 2 marks each. 2×4 = 8

24. State any two objectives of retail transport.

25. List any four factors that affect loading and unloading.

26. State any four points of importance of a store layout.

27. State any four objectives of a store design.

28. State the steps that must be taken for correct assortment of merchandise.

29. What do you understand by mobile patrols ?

Answer any 4 questions out of the given 6 questions of 3 marks each. 3×4 = 12

30. What does the cashier assigned to a specific cash counter need to look into ?

31. State any six features of retail billing.

32. Explain the ‘Angular Floor Plan’ with its advantages and disadvantages.

33. State any six principles of managing visual merchandising.

34. Define visual merchandising. List any four aspects included in it.

35. State any six responsibilities of a security supervisor.

Answer any 2 questions out of the given 4 questions of 5 marks each. 5×2 = 10

36. Differentiate between retail and wholesale billing.

37. Explain the steps that a retailer must take to minimise theft and shoplifting.

38. State any five main functions of a visual merchandiser.

39. State any five reception duties of the security guard.