Class 12 NCERT Books

Class 12 NCERT Books

Class 12 NCERT Accountancy

Download complete NCERT books of Class XII Accountancy subject.

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Class 12 NCERT Biology

Biology is the study of life in its entirety. The growth of biology as a natural science during the last 1000 years is interesting from many points of view. One feature of this growth is changing emphasis. Initially it was description of life forms. Identification, nomenclature, classification of all recorded living forms enjoyed the attention of scientists for a long time.

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Class 12 NCERT Business Studies

Download complete books of NCERT Class XII, Business Studies subject.

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Class 12 NCERT Chemistry

Chemistry has made a profound impact on the society. It is intimately linked to the well-being of human kind. The structure of the textbook, presented in two parts, comprises of sixteen units.

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Class 12 NCERT Economics

Download complete NCERT books of Class XII Economics subject.

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Download complete NCERT books of Class XII, English subject.

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Class 12 NCERT English Flamingo

This textbook for Class XII English course follows the design of the Class XI textbook, Hornbill. The prose selections aim to provide exposure to a wide variety of genres and themes, and writing from different parts of the world. Three short stories, representative of fiction from different parts of the world - French, Swedish and British, have been included.

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Class 12 NCERT English Kaliedoscope

The selections for the Class XII Elective English Textbook, Kaleidoscope, are representative of Literature in English and fall into the following genres - fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry. There are three short stories and two long ones in the fiction section representing contemporary writers from five cultures: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, James Joyce, Bi Shu-min, Isaac Singer and Joseph Conrad.

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Class 12 NCERT English Vistas

Vistas is a supplementary reader in English (Core course) for Class XII. The main objective of this book is to make extensive reading an enjoyable experience, lead students to appreciate some of the best examples of writing and understand the social milieu they live in.

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Class 12 NCERT Geography

Download complete NCERT books of Class XII, Geography subject.

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Class 12 NCERT Graphic Design

The field of graphic design and the role of a graphic designer in the contemporary society are constantly changing. Graphic design today has become a specialised activity. Now-a-days we discuss graphic design within the realm of cultural, social, technological and economic context where a graphic designer is a conscious agent who shapes up the environment: natural, industrial, socio-cultural, technological as well as individual. Graphic design has become inseparable part of our life.

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Class 12 NCERT Heritage Crafts

Handicrafts are still today a vibrant aspect of Indian culture and society. Crafts have been interwoven with the culture of the people in India from the beginning of human history. Crafts have been an integral part of daily life in villages, towns, courts and religious establishments. The variety of crafts and craft skills available in India and their continuous development throughout the centuries make India a unique country, unlike any other in the world.

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Class 12 NCERT Hindi

Download complete books of Class XII NCERT, Hindi subject.

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Class 12 NCERT History

The book begins with Harappa and ends with the framing of the Indian constitution. The book covers developments in different spheres - economic, cultural, social, political, and religious.  Some themes in the book will introduce you to the politics of the time and the nature of authority and power; others explore the way societies are organised, and the way they function and change; still others tell us about religious life and ritual practices, about the working of economies, and the changes within rural and urban societies.

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Class 12 NCERT Mathematics

The textbook contains 13 main chapters and two appendices. Each Chapter contains the introduction highlighting the importance of the topic, connection with earlier studied topics, brief mention about the new concepts to be discussed in the chapter. Chapters are organised into sections comprising one or more concepts or sub-concepts.

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Class 12 NCERT Physics

This book is a sequel to the Class XI textbook. It is divided into two parts. Download complete books of Class XII NCERT, Physics subject.

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Class 12 NCERT Political Science

 As India becomes more prominent in international politics and as events outside the country influence our lives and choices, we need to know more about the world outside. International affairs are discussed with great passion in India, but not always with sufficient understanding.

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Class 12 NCERT Psychology

Psychology is one of the youngest sciences but one of the fastest growing. There are many who believe that the 21st century is going to be the century of biological sciences along with psychological sciences. Development in the fields of neurosciences, as well as physical sciences have opened new doors to solve the mysteries of mind and human behaviour.

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Class 12 NCERT Sociology

Download complete books of Class XII NCERT, Sociology subject.

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