Vision Technician Class 11 NCERT

Vision Technician Class 11 NCERT

Blindness and visual impairment continue to be a major public health problem in India. Availability and easy access to primary eye care services is essential for elimination of avoidable blindness. For this reason, an integrated health care system with primary eye care are being promoted by the Government of India, and vision centers at the level of community health centers and primary health centers are being developed on priority.

Eye Health Care has become one of India’s largest sectors both in terms of revenue and employment. The rapid growth in the industry has led to the demand for trained personnel for various job roles in this area.


Unit 1: Structure of Human Eye

  • Session 1: Anatomy of Human Eye
  • Session 2: Field of Vision and Dynamic Range of Human Eye
  • Session 3: Movements of Human Eye

Unit 2: Obtaining Case History of a Patient

  • Session 1: Recording Medical History of a Patient
  • Session 2: Documenting a Patient’s Medical History
  • Session 3: Integrating Medical History and Physical Examination for Treatment Plans
  • Session 4: Assessing Functionality of a Patient’s Eyes

Unit 3: Common Eye Problems

  • Session 1: Common Eye Problems and Infections
  • Session 2: Symptoms of Common Eye Problems
  • Session 3: Eye Injuries

Unit 4: Measuring Visual Acuity

  • Session 1: Meaning of Visual Acuity
  • Session 2: Process of Measuring Visual Acuity
  • Session 3: Normal Vision and Keeping Record of Visual Acuity

Unit 5: Basic Visual Assessment

  • Session 1: Eye Care Professionals
  • Session 2: Basic Examination for Eye Diseases
  • Session 3: Eye Examination
  • Session 4: Visual Assessment of the Eye

Unit 6: Assessing Refractive Status

  • Session 1: Meaning of Refractive Status and Refraction
  • Session 2: Process of Retinoscopy
  • Session 3: Operation of Auto-refractometer

Unit 7: Spectacles, Optical Prescription and Contact Lenses

  • Session 1: Reasons for Vision Disorders
  • Session 2: Optical Prescription Notation
  • Session 3: Principle of Foci Meter and Types
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