Plumbing Class 11 NCERT

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Plumber General II is an important job role in the installation and repair of plumbing fittings and fixtures in contractors’ segment. This module aims to equip the student with the skills for installation, repair maintenance and servicing of pipes and sanitary fixtures in housing, commercial and institutional set-ups.

A Plumber General should be able to work independently on the assignment, and be comfortable in performing laborious work, should be a good listener, good at talking and following instructions, a good team player, result oriented with a positive attitude.


  • Unit 1: Plumbing and related Basic Terms

  • Unit 2: Tools for Plumbing

  • Unit 3: Use of Power Tools

  • Unit 4: Installation of Basic Sanitary Fittings and Fixtures

  • Unit 5 Repair of Leakages in Basic Fittings and Fixtures

  • Unit 6: Performing various Plumbing related Operations and Procedures

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