Gardener (Agriculture) Class 11 NCERT

Gardener (Agriculture) Class 11 NCERT

The job role of a Gardener is important in agriculture. It is related to landscaping and garden activity. The Gardener performs basic operations related to the preparation of the growing medium, seedbed, planting, transplanting, and taking care of plants and planting material. The person is also responsible for tending lawns, trees, shrubs and ground covers.

The person needs to be aware of the soil and nutrition requirement of plants, pests and diseases and their control, tools and equipment, garden components, and styles and features of a garden. The Gardener needs to acquire skills in grafting, cutting, budding, training, pruning, weeding and indoor gardening. The person must know the use of basic tools and hand-powered machines, such as pruner, cutter, lawn mower, etc.


Unit 1: Introduction to Floriculture

Unit 2: Nursery Management

  • Session 1: Nursery and Its Importance
  • Session 2: Growing Media
  • Session 3: Sowing of Seeds and Planting Material

Unit 3: Plant Propagation

  • Session 1: Plant Propagation by Cutting
  • Session 2: Plant Propagation by Layering
  • Session 3: Plant Propagation by Grafting
  • Session 4: Plant Propagation by Budding

Unit 4: Garden Tools and Equipment

Unit 5: Soil Management and Field Preparation

  • Session 1: Soil and Its Properties
  • Session 2: Soil Reclamation or Improvement
  • Session 3: Field Preparation and Special Practices
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