Floriculturist (Agriculture) Class 11 NCERT

Floriculturist (Agriculture) Class 11 NCERT

Floriculturist (Open Cultivation) is a person who undertakes various activities of flower cultivation in open field condition, which involves preparation of the field, seed bed, planting, transplanting, selection of flower crops, and caring of flower crops.

Floriculturist performs maintenance operations such as thinning, weeding, irrigation, fertigation, controlling pests and diseases, etc. The job is to be performed in an efficient manner to allow the production of high quality flowers, their harvesting and post–harvest management towards getting higher return.

A Floriculturist (Protected Cultivation) is a person who has undertaken various activities of flower cultivation involving preparatory cultivation, cultivation and post harvest management in a greenhouse. Their responsibility also involves maintenance and care of plant, design and maintenance of green house, preparing media and various other inputs essential for flower crop cultivation. The job is to be performed in an efficient manner to allow the production of high quality flowers, their harvesting and post harvest management towards getting higher returns.

Open Cultivation Chapters

Unit 1: Introduction to Floriculture

Unit 2: Nursery Management

  • Session 1: Nursery and its Importance
  • Session 2: Growing Media and Nursery Bed Preparation
  • Session 3: Seed Sowing and Planting Material

Unit 3: Tools and Equipment

  • Session 1: Implements used for Preparation of Land
  • Session 2: Other Tools and Equipment

Unit 4: Field Preparation and Cultural Operations

  • Session 1: Selection of Site for Cutivation of Ornamental Crops
  • Session 2: Tillage and Cultural Operations

Unit 5: Plant Nutrition and Irrigation

  • Session 1: Plant Nutrients
  • Session 2: Application of Manures and Fertilisers
  • Session 3: Irrigation and Drainage

Unit 6: Insect Pests, Diseases and Weed Management

  • Session 1: Insect Pest Management
  • Session 2: Disease Management
  • Session 3: Weed Management

Protected Cultivation Chapters

Unit 1: Introduction to Protected Cultivation

  • Session 1: Importance of Protected Cultivation
  • Session 2: Site Selection and Suitable Crops for Protected Cultivation

Unit 2: Types of Protected Structures and their Components

  • Session 1: Types of Protected Structures
  • Session 2: Classification of Greenhouses
  • Session 3: Major Components of a Greenhouse

Unit 3: Preparation of Media and Container for Commercial Cultivation in Greenhouses

  • Session 1: Growing Media and its Composition
  • Session 2: Sterilisation of Growing Media
  • Session 3: Preparation of Beds and Containers for Growing Crops

Unit 4: Irrigation and Fertigation in Greenhouses

  • Session 1: Micro Irrigation Systems and their Application
  • Session 2: Types of Fertilisers and their Scheduling

Unit 5: Greenhouse Operations

  • Session 1: Equipment for Environmental Parameter Monitoring in Greenhouses
  • Session 2: Management of Environmental Parameters in a Greenhouse
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