Dairy Farmer Class 11 NCERT

Dairy Farmer Class 11 NCERT

A Dairy Farmer profitably manages various activities in a dairy farm, like production and marketing of milk, and maintaining health and productivity of cattle.


Unit 1: Introduction to Dairy Farming

  • Session 1: Dairy Farming in India
  • Session 2: Important Breeds of Cattle

Unit 2: Livestock Accommodation

  • Session 1: Basics of Animal Housing
  • Session 2: Housing Layout for Dairy Animals

Unit 3: Establishing Livestock within Accommodation

  • Session 1: Standard Practices for Maintaining Health of Cattle
  • Session 2: Safety Measures for Farm Workers and Disposal of Manure

Unit 4: Providing Feed and Water for Livestock

  • Session 1: Animal Feedstuff, their Characteristics, Composition and Quality
  • Session 2: Feeding of Dairy Animals
  • Session 3: Preparation of Animal Feed
  • Session 4: Maintaining Feed and Water Supply