Class 12 NCERT Political Science

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Class 12 NCERT Political Science

 As India becomes more prominent in international politics and as events outside the country influence our lives and choices, we need to know more about the world outside. International affairs are discussed with great passion in India, but not always with sufficient understanding.

Politics is often understood as a power game played by some big leaders. But politics is also about taking collective decisions, about sorting out differences, about reaching consensus.

  1. Contemporary World Politics

  2. Politics in India since Independence

Contemporary World Politics Chapters

  1. The Cold War Era
  2. The End of Bipolarity
  3. US Hegemony in World Politics
  4. Alternative Centres of Power
  5. Contemporary South Asia
  6. International Organisations
  7. Security in the Contemporary World
  8. Environment and Natural Resources
  9. Globalisation

Politics in India since Independence Chapters

  1. Challenges of nation building
  2. Era of one-party dominance
  3. Politics of planned development
  4. India’s external relations
  5. Challenges to and restoration of the congress system
  6. The crisis of democratic order
  7. Rise of popular movements
  8. Regional aspirations
  9. Recent developments in Indian politics