Class 12 NCERT Mathematics

Class 12 NCERT Mathematics

The textbook contains 13 main chapters and two appendices. Each Chapter contains the introduction highlighting the importance of the topic, connection with earlier studied topics, brief mention about the new concepts to be discussed in the chapter. Chapters are organised into sections comprising one or more concepts or sub-concepts.

For refocusing and strengthening the understanding and skill of problem solving and applications, miscellaneous types of examples and exercises have been provided involving two or more sub concepts at a time at the end of the chapter.

Part 1 Chapters

  1. Relations and Functions
  2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  3. Matrices
  4. Determinants
  5. Continuity and Differentiability
  6. Application of Derivatives

Part 2 Chapters

  1. Integrals
  2. Application of Integrals
  3. Differential Equations
  4. Vector Algebra
  5. Three Dimensional Geometry
  6. Linear Programming
  7. Probability