Class 12 NCERT Heritage Crafts

Class 12 NCERT Heritage Crafts

Handicrafts are still today a vibrant aspect of Indian culture and society. Crafts have been interwoven with the culture of the people in India from the beginning of human history. Crafts have been an integral part of daily life in villages, towns, courts and religious establishments. The variety of crafts and craft skills available in India and their continuous development throughout the centuries make India a unique country, unlike any other in the world.

Ours is one of the few countries in the world where crafts are practised throughout the land and by many people. The crafts sector provides livelihood to a large number of people and makes an enormous contribution to India’s export and foreign exchange earnings.

Craft Traditions of India Chapters

Unit I: Overview of the Past

  1. Crafts in the Past
  2. Colonial Rule and Crafts
  3. Mahatma Gandhi and Self-sufficiency

Unit II: Crafts Revival

  1. Handloom and Handicrafts Revival
  2. The Crafts Community Today
  3. Production and Marketing

Unit III: Strategies for the Future

  1. Crafts Bazaars
  2. Craft in the Age of Tourism
  3. Design and Development