Class 12 NCERT Graphic Design

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Class 12 NCERT Graphic Design

The field of graphic design and the role of a graphic designer in the contemporary society are constantly changing. Graphic design today has become a specialised activity. Now-a-days we discuss graphic design within the realm of cultural, social, technological and economic context where a graphic designer is a conscious agent who shapes up the environment: natural, industrial, socio-cultural, technological as well as individual. Graphic design has become inseparable part of our life.

New Age Graphics Design Chapters

  1. Role of Design in Society
  2. Graphic Design Processes
  3. Sketching and Drawing
  4. Colour
  5. Fundamentals of Visual Composition
  6. Typography
  7. Principles of Layout Design
  8. Digital Imaging and Printing
  9. Advertising Design
  10. Campaign Design
  11. Integrated Methods of Advertising
  12. Graphic Design for Interactive Media