Class 12 NCERT English Elective: Kaliedoscope

Class 12 NCERT English Elective: Kaliedoscope

The selections for the Class XII Elective English Textbook, Kaleidoscope, are representative of Literature in English and fall into the following genres - fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry. There are three short stories and two long ones in the fiction section representing contemporary writers from five cultures: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, James Joyce, Bi Shu-min, Isaac Singer and Joseph Conrad.

The stories deal with fantasy and reality, alienation, a mother's sensitivity and the problem of choice in personal life.

Two plays find a place in the selection - Chandalika by Tagore brings out the intense conflict in the mind of a sensitive untouchable girl. The excerpt from Girish Karnad's Broken Images reflects the ambiguities in the mind of a writer who has unexpectedly acquired fame.

Of the eight poems, four are from the classical tradition - Donne, Milton, Blake and Coleridge. The other four are established poets, closer to contemporary times - Yeats, A.K. Ramanujan, Emily Dickinson and Kamala Das. There are two poems each by Blake and Milton.

Kaliedoscope (Elective) Chapters


  1. I Sell my Dreams
  2. Eveline
  3. A Wedding in Brownsville
  4. Tomorrow
  5. One Centimetre


  1. A Lecture Upon the Shadow
  2. Poems by Milton
  3. Poems by Blake WILLIAM BLAKE
  4. Kubla Khan
  5. Trees
  6. The Wild Swans of Coole
  7. Time and Time Again
  8. Blood


  1. Freedom
  2. The Mark on the Wall
  3. Film-making
  4. Why the Novel Matters
  5. The Argumentative Indian
  6. On Science Fiction


  1. Chandalika
  2. Broken Images