Class 11 NCERT Indian Constitution at Work (Political Science)

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Class 11 NCERT Indian Constitution at Work (Political Science)

The study of the working of the Indian Constitution here is a gateway to studying politics in India. The study of Indian politics is a window to understanding politics in other societies. This book is not about legal provisions and technical details in the Constitution. It is about how institutions are shaped through interaction with actual politics.

Previously students were exposed to political ideas and theories primarily through the study of political ideologies, such as, Liberalism, or Marxism, or Fascism. Concepts like freedom and equality entered the picture only indirectly in terms of their place in a given system of ideas. In the new course the central focus is on concepts rather than ideologies. The objective of the course is to introduce students to some of the important ideas and concepts which form a part of the living tradition of political thought in the world.

Indian Constitution at Work Chapters

  1. Constitution: Why And How?
  2. Rights In The Indian Constitution
  3. Election And Representation
  4. Executive
  5. Legislature
  6. Judiciary
  7. Federalism
  8. Local Governments
  9. Constitution As A Living Document
  10. The Philosophy Of The Constitution